How to find an Ancient City in Minecraft


How to find an Ancient City in Minecraft

Are you wondering how to find an Ancient Minecraft City? They can be difficult to find, but once you have a good idea of what you are looking for and where it is, it will be much easier to find this amazing city. Ancient Cities are magnificent structures that are buried below the ground. They are one of the first underground monuments other than Strongholds.

The Warden is a dangerous mob that Ancient Cities have within their walls. Be careful! This blind, but brutal creature is the most formidable foe in Minecraft history. However, it also holds some amazing loot. This article will show you how to find an Ancient City in Minecraft. It will also tell you what to expect once you reach there.

How to Find an Ancient City in Minecraft

Despite their frightening nature, Ancient Cities can be found in the overworld. You don't even have to travel to the Nether to find them. Contrary to popular belief, there is no Ancient City portal required to reach them. You can start looking right away if you are brave enough. The underground structures can only be found in the Deep Dark biome which is deep below the surface. You'll know you're in a Deep Dark biome from the presence of black and turquoise Sculk items, such as Sculk Veins and Sculk blocks, as they only generate in this underground-exclusive biome.

Ancient Cities can only be found on Y-level -501. Therefore, we recommend that you mine on that level to find the Warden's home. Pay attention if you spot Sculk block. This will ensure that you don't waste any time and allow you to find both Ancient Cities and diamonds.

Ancient Cities explained

The Warden central sculpture: This gigantic statue depicts the face of Warden with Reinforced Deepslate Blocks. It is located in the centre of the Ancient City. Reinforced Deepslate is cool, but it can't be mined. This is the only place that it generates. Although this central monument looks like an Ancient City portal it won't take you anywhere. It does however, stand above a secret Redstone room. You'll find either a loot box with a golden carrot or an apple inside or a Chiseled Deepslate Bridge - these are the triggers for opening a secret Redstone door. You should hear the door opening behind you if you walk over the bridge or eat the gilded food. For a lesson in redstone contraptions, head inside.
Ice boxes: These are small rooms that are located in the Ancient City's long halls. They are easily identified by the presence of ice blocks at the top. These rooms are worth looking into as there is a loot box hidden underneath the trapdoor. To open it, you just need to trigger the correct pressure plate. However, if you trigger the wrong pressure plate, the Warden might be upset as Note Blocks chime.
Blocks: Although you can't find the new Deepslate variant of Soul Sand, there are many other interesting and unique blocks that you can collect while you're in an Ancient City. The only place where Soul Sand can be found is Ancient Cities. Its glittering blue flame lights up the city. You can also gather candles or even Skeleton mob head heads from the city ruins. The floors are lined with carpeting and wool blocks to soften and prevent them from activating Sculk Sensors.

All items found in Ancient City chests are

- Amethyst Shard
- Baked Potato
- Bone
Bottle O' Enchanting
- Candle
- Coal
- Compass
- Damaged Enchanted Diamond Hoe
- Disk Fragment (5)
- Echo Shard
- Enchanted Book
- Enchanted Diamond Leggings
- Enchanted Golden Apple
Enchanted Horse Armour
- Enchanted iron leggings
Glow Berries
- Gold Carrot
- Lead
- Music Disk (otherside 13, or cat).
- Name Tag
- Packed Ice
- Potion of healing
- Potion of Regeneration
- Saddle
- Sculk
- Sculk Catalyst
- Sculk Sensor
- Snowball
- Soul Torch
- Suspicious Stew

The Warden

Now that you have a good understanding of Minecraft Ancient Cities and the hidden secrets within the Deep Dark, it's time to get out there and start mining. We recommend that you use your Minecraft brewing stand and purchase the best enchantments to increase your survival chances. You'll need it.