How to Play Minecraft


How to Play Minecraft

If it has been a while since you last played Minecraft then you will need our help to get back on track. We'll help you master Minecraft, no matter if you're playing alone or on a server.

The combat system has changed

This is the most common mistake you can make if Minecraft has been a while since you last played it. Knowing about it will save you hours of frustration. Combat in Minecraft has never been complicated. Spam-clicking with your sword was for many years the best way to deal with most enemies. But if you do this now, you will be in trouble.

The 1.9 Combat Update added a second hand slot and increased the number of times you can swing your sword. A small bar will appear below your crosshair when you attack. You can't let this bar get full, and your next swing will do little damage. Instead, wait for it to fill up and then you'll do full damage again.

Villages are more common

You'll need to survey your surroundings before you can spawn in your new world. In previous Minecraft versions, villages or structures were rare. These were a great place to spend your first night. Nearly everything is provided for, but it would be necessary to search for the best seeds. You might want to spend more time exploring the countryside in 2022 than you did in 2021. Villages have become more common.

The 1.14 Village & Plillage Update has made it possible for more biomes to spawn villages. Plains, Deserts and Taigas all have village potential, and the base rate at which they spawn has been increased. The villages are also designed differently now, with each villager having their job that determines what they trade.

Caves go as deep as level Y = -64

Caves in Minecraft were the same until version 1.18. Unless you were fortunate enough to find a ravine, they were often quite small. You could go all the way to level Y = 0, and find Bedrock that would stop you from digging deeper. Between the surface and the Bedrock, you would find all the resources that you could need.

The Caves & Cliffs Part 2 Update completely wiped out the slate and began again with how caves generate. It did it better than any Minecraft mods. Caves are now massive, with many open areas that extend as far as the eye can view. You can also explore below Y = 0. You can dig below Y = 0. This area is where rare materials like diamonds are more prevalent, and Stone is replaced by the tougher Deepslate.

Ores aren't evenly distributed

Caves & Cliffs Part 2 has made another change. You can no longer dig below the minimum level to obtain every ore. Previously, coal would spawn at level 120 and continue spawning until it reached Bedrock. But now there is a limit on how deep you can find it and the distribution isn't even.

As an example, Coal spawns only from levels Y = 184 through Y = 0. But, at the extreme ends of this range, it becomes extremely rare. You will need to dig around Y=88 to find plenty of coal. The same system is used for all ores in the game. Diamonds are still the most rare at the bottom of the world.

It's worth exploring the oceans

Oceans were a nuisance in the early days of Minecraft. Squids were the only creature they had. They are in many ways worse than nothing. They were useless for anything other than sailing over them to get you to the next destination. If they were removed from the game, most people wouldn't even notice.

The 1.13 Update Aquatic, however, changed everything. Oceans were given new biomes. In colder regions, large icebergs can rise from the water. In hotter regions, a Coral Reef could line ocean floor. Shipwrecks can also contain valuable loot and treasure maps. Ocean Monuments, which are full of dangerous Guardians, are the most exciting.

The new Nether

The Nether was a place that you had to deal in Minecraft. A Nether Fortress was the only thing worth visiting, and they were sometimes difficult to find. The community had been complaining for years about this until finally the 1.16 Nether update came along, changing the hellish dimension forever.

The Nether now has four new biomes. This is especially true when the shaders are added to it. Two new types are included, along with three new types, of Stone and the new Piglin- and Hoglin mobs. Piglins, on the other hand, are more advanced creatures and wild basts that have a lot of knockback power. They can be deadly but if you have Gold you can trade with them.


It has been a fact that Minecraft's best item is the diamond. Fans have even created parodies on YouTube to this fact. They were able to create the most powerful armour and weapons. However, they were also extremely difficult to find. The pinnacle of Minecraft's progress system was obtaining fully enchanted Diamond equipment. But that's no more.

The Nether Update also included a new material, Netherite. It was hidden amongst all the Netherrack. You will need to find four pieces from Ancient Debris and make them with Gold. Then, you will need to smelt them in the Furnace. Once you have your Netherite ingot, you can put it in a Smithing table with your Diamond gear and it will be upgraded into Netherite, which is the best gear in the game.

The End expanded

You can 'complete Minecraft' by defeating the Ender Dragon, collecting an egg, and jumping through a portal. After the credits roll, you'll be returned to your home and thrown into your bed. As anyone who has played Minecraft knows, there is no end to the game. You can continue building and exploring forever.

It was only natural that The End dimension would receive new content, and that happened with the 1.9 Combat Update. Once you defeat the Ender dragon, a small portal will appear on the island's edge. You'll be transported to endless End islands if you throw an Ender Pearl into the portal. You will need an End City filled with Shulkers to get out there. These chests can be converted into portable chests and you can also find the Elytra to help you glide around your world.