Minecraft Map has Finally been Completely Mined


Minecraft Map has Finally been Completely Mined

The Minecraft map is huge. It can be difficult to get your head around (and pick and shovel). Most players will create a new world before they see the entire old one. They'll then clean it of any diamonds, redstone and other valuables and move onto new ground. Minthical, a YouTuber, takes a more thorough approach.

We often write about amazing Minecraft builds like people creating MS Paint or magically transforming villages. But it's rare that we can mention a good Minecraft map. Official ones are fine, but the IKEA map speaks for itself. This map is unique because it doesn't focus on what's created but rather what's being destroyed.

Minthical is a YouTuber that has been mining every block on a single map for five years. That's more than 45 million blocks. Minthical streamed live on August 12th to show how close they are finishing this world-ending challenge. They talk about how many blocks have they mined, the challenges they faced, and some important points on scale. It's a great showcase for stat fans. They expect to be finished by September so subscribe to them if you want your block to be mined.

If you like the idea of destroying everything, but don't have the time or desire to spend five years doing it, we have all the Minecraft console commands and cheats. We also have everything you need about ancient cities, in case you want to explore.