Oldest Minecraft servers


Oldest Minecraft servers

Minecraft looks simple on the surface. The main goal is to mine resources and create objects. This is why the name.

This may seem like the most basic aspect of Minecraft, but mining and crafting objects is only a small part of it. The possibilities of what people can do in Minecraft are endless.

Minecraft announced in early 2017 that it had sold more than 122 million copies since its 2009 release. 55 million Minecraft players log on each month.

Its simple game mechanics are the reason for its longevity and popularity. There is always something in the game, because players can create almost anything.

The first multiplayer mode was launched a few months after the game's release. Survival multiplayer mode was made available a year later, in 2010. Over the years, hundreds of Minecraft servers were created to allow players to build communities, share their creations and create unique game modes.

Some of today's most popular servers were created almost immediately after survival multiplayer was launched.

7. Hypixel

Year established: April 2013, Country of origin: United States. Minecraft username: Hypixel, Rezzus Total number of unique players: more than 7,000,000

Hypixel, along with Mineplex is one of most well-known Minecraft servers. The Hypixel server saw 7,000,000 unique users in 2015. HubBubTheNerdy was the 7,000,000th player. A small celebration was held by players who were playing the game with HubBubTheNerdy to celebrate the milestone.

Hypixel's unique minigames and large world have made it a popular choice for so many years. Each minigame has its own coin, quests, lobby, and other features. There are shooters, normal survival and team survival as well as hardcore survival. The server also has arcade games such hide and seek and arena brawl.

6. Mineplex

Year established: January 24, 2013, Country of Origin: United States Founder(s),: Minecraft username: Sterling_ & Spu_ Total number of unique players: Unknown, possibly millions; more than 525,000 users have registered on the Mineplex forums

Mineplex is not as old as the rest of these servers, but it is the most popular Minecraft server. Mineplex has thousands of users who log on at any hour of the day or night. It is listed on its website as an official Minecraft partner.

Mineplex offers its own in-game cosmetics that can be used to pay server costs, world development, plugin creation, and giveaways. Mineplex's most distinctive feature is its minigames, which are customized maps that offer different challenges. Classics, Arcade Survival Champions Clans Holiday are all minigame categories.

5. Crazy Fools UK

Year established: 2010 Country of origin: United Kingdom Founder(s),: Minecraft username BRooNiE Total number of unique players: more than 5,156 (last count in 2014).

Crazy Fools UK is not a well-known server but it is the oldest one in the United Kingdom. According to the server's official website, it is the oldest in the UK. MinecraftOnline is however, a few months earlier.

Crazy Fools UK is an old survival mode server. It claims it is safe and friendly and doesn't have to deal with any idiotic administrators or griefers. Crazy Fools UK states that the server is open to all, but anyone wishing to join must pass an intelligence test.

4. 2b2t (2builders2tools)

Year established: December 2010, Country of origin: United States. Minecraft usernames are Georgebush420, Hausemaster. Total number of unique players: more than 175,000

2builders2tools is commonly known as 2b2t. It is the most well-known and oldest “anarchy” server in Minecraft history. Although there are several older Minecraft servers, it is considered to be the second-oldest Minecraft server. It has been running since December 2010, and has never been reset.

2b2t is well-known for its chaotic nature. The original founders still own the server, but no one manages or moderators it. There are no rules for 2b2t. Anything can be done. Over the years, this has caused many “wars”, between various factions of players. There is a queue of 1,000 players waiting to get into the server, which is why it is so popular.

3. Minr.org

Year established: October 22, 2010, Country of origin: United States. Total number of unique players: Unknown

Minr.org, like all the other servers on this list believes that it is the oldest running Minecraft server. Minr.org is a oldest server that offers mazes, challenges and parkour maps. Members who have completed the most difficult maps on Minr.org create all of the server challenges.

The server is available to everyone, but full membership (which includes building rights) into Minr.org must be earned by escaping from the parkour/maze. Minr.org currently hosts over 250 challenges. The server hosts special events that are only available to the server, such as Ninja Warrior or The Amazing Race. These events are based on TV shows of the same name.

2. MinecraftOnline

Year established: August 4, 2010, Country of Origin: England Founder(s),: Minecraft usernames SlowRiot, RuneChan Total number of unique players: 125 379

Although there is much debate about which Minecraft server is oldest, most people agree that MinecraftOnline is the oldest Minecraft server. Freedonia, the main world of MinecraftOnline was created the day Minecraft survival multiplayer was made available to the public. Freedonia is the longest running game world and has not been restored or rebuilt since its initial launch in 2010.

Freedonia is home to many cities and towns. It has been in existence for over a decade and has always been accessible to the public. MinecraftOnline administrators ban all attempts to alter any constructions in Freedonia, to preserve the hard work of its users over many years.

1. Nerd.nu

Year established: June 10, 2009. Country of origin: United States. Current head admins are: Unknown. Minecraft usernames include cujobear and silversunset.

According to Nerd.nu's official Wiki page, it is one the oldest Minecraft servers. Just a few days after Minecraft's multiplayer mode was launched, the server went online June 10, 2009.

Nerd.nu servers are the oldest servers currently in existence, which were established at Reddit servers for Minecraft.

Nerd.nu currently hosts three types of server: creative, minigames, and PvE (player against environment). Nerd.nu occasionally hosts events on its special event server. Nerd.nu's oldest running server, the creative server is currently in its 32nd revision. Nerd.nu claims that the servers are fair, fast, friendly, and that new players are always welcomed.