Rolling out on Bedrock Beta


Rolling out on Bedrock Beta

Left leg!

I'm not listing my top bodies (as voted for by me), but these are just a few of many features you can tweak for your Minecraft character using the new Character Creator, which is rolling out to a Bedrock Beta near you.

First things first. Have you ever played a Minecraft beta? This is where we test new features of the game. These features can only be tested if you play Minecraft on a version that supports betas (Windows 10, Xbox One, and Android). Find out how to sign up for each Minecraft beta version. You can also find additional information about this beta (and a list with all the added features!) on our feedback site. You can also leave feedback on our feedback site.

Beta features can be unstable. We want players to test them early so we can get feedback and fix bugs. Make sure you back up your worlds!

Let's now get back to the beta. The Character Creator is currently being developed for Minecraft Earth. However, we became so obsessed with creating our own hairstyles that we decided to extend this feature to the Bedrock version. We are here! Today, the Character Creator beta is available on select Bedrock platforms (again that's Windows 10, Xbox One, and Android versions). This means that you too can get a purple fauxhawk! After the beta ends, the feature will be available on Minecraft Earth and all other Bedrock platforms, including iOS and Nintendo Switch.